Bita Salamat Paria Company (Private Joint Stock Company) with the brand name Beternes has been registered in November 2019 to improve health and the need for hygienic cares and support domestic productions in the year named Production Boom, for production of standard disposable medical supplies used in hospitals and medical centers and has started the construction project of a factory on land with a 2500 m² area and with an infrastructure of 1200 m² located in Saveh industrial city.


Bita Salamat Paria Company, with the slogan of improving the quality of health and the level of hygiene, considers itself obliged to comply with relevant standards in the products all the time. Following the statements of the supreme leader on supporting national production and domestic needs and thus preventing the outflow of currency from the country, we hope to go to start our manufacturing in 2020 and take part in improving the health index by obtaining the exploitation license and fundamental approvals.

Bita Salamat Paria Company is a subset of Jahangir Aria Holding Trading and Manufacturing Companies.